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A Wall Speaks a Thousand Words

April 14, 2012

Some interesting graffiti I passed by on a recent walk through a neighborhood here in Cairo:

The last picture is actually part of an advertisement for a high school. You can find these types of ads for nurseries, schools, etc on many walls all over Cairo.

These are some pictures of the outside walls of a high school with some verses from the Quran and prophetic traditions (also quite common  to see here):

“The closest of you to me on the Day of Judgment is he or she with the most beautiful of manners and character.” (Tradition of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him)

L: “It is only those who have knowledge among His servants that fear and have consciousness of God” (Quran 35:28)

R: “Al-Azhar is a beacon of Islam.” (This was an Azhar affiliated highschool)

“And We have not sent you except as a mercy to the worlds.” (A verse from the Quran, in a description of the Prophet Muhammad)

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